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    Developed with:
    . COACHES project
    . Algorithmica S.r.l.
    . Dept. of Computer, Control and Management Engineering Sapienza University of Rome, Italy;
    . GREYC, University of Caen Lower-Normandy, France;



    The design has followed guidelines and use cases of the COACHES project.
    ALFRED is a social robot designed to interact with people in public environments, like shopping centers, convention centers, airports, hospitals, hotels, etc. Its main purpose is to assist people that need for help or information, guide them or bring them to a certain location, acting as a butler.

    The robot is built using a Segway robotic base RMP-210 and it is composed by a central carbon structure obtained from flat plates that are later dovetailed and glued with each other. The robot lower casing is designed to host a laptop, two laser sensors and all the electronic needed to control the robot, while the top partis a sort of backbone that housestwo or three RGBD sensors, a camera, a tablet, two audio speakers, the microphone and a tray where to place small objects. External hulls are arranged upon the main structure with the purpose of protecting the components and to give a pleasant look. The hulls are made of a composite material, laminated on mold previously created. Finally, the two parts of the robot are easy to disassemble for transportation.